We Screened over 75,000 Students

We recently concluded our 2017-2018 Heart Smart EKG screening. Our school-wide EKG screening program began in 2005 following the sudden death of Max Schewitz.  This school year, the Foundation visited 14 area high schools and has now provided 75,483 EKG’s and 2,006 limited echocardiograms.  The Foundation has found 2,117 students with abnormalities who required further medical evaluation.   

“We couldn’t continue our EKG screening program without the community’s support,” said Mary Beth Schewitz, executive director of The Max Schewitz Foundation. “We utilize thousands of volunteers and parents each year. Our goal is to screen every child in our area, so hopefully we can save another family from enduring the loss we did.”

Heart Smart EKG screening will begin on August 22 at Lake Forest Academy.  We are planning on screening seven high schools in the fall and four high schools during the spring semester.  If your high school, sports team or club organization is interested in holding an EKG screening, please email us at  MaryBeth@maxschewitzfoundation.org.