We Screened 7,183 Students this Year

We completed our 2018-2019 EKG screening program on April 24, 2019 at Deerfield High School.  The school-wide EKG screening program began in 2005 following the sudden death of Max Schewitz.  To date, the Foundation has now provided 87,706 EKG’s and 2,375 limited echocardiograms.  The Foundation has found 870 students with abnormalities who required further medical evaluation.   

“We’re grateful for all our parent volunteers and school administrators who make each screening possible,” said Kathy Aykroid, executive director of The Max Schewitz Foundation. “In 13 years, we’ve utilized 6,500 volunteers and found many students who would have not known they had a hidden cardiac condition. Our program will continue until an EKG becomes the standard of care in the U.S.”

Heart Smart, the Foundation’s school-wide EKG screening program, is administered by trained parent volunteers and cardiologist Eli Lavie, MD, Medical Director of the Max Schewitz Foundation, oversees all aspects of testing and interpretation

Registration for our 2019/2020 schools will be announced this summer on our web site.  Please watch for more details and make sure to sign up your student! Have a wonderful summer.