The Cardiologists

Eli Lavie, MD

A practicing cardiologist at NorthShore Healthcare System, Dr. Lavie is the Foundation’s medical director and oversees all medical aspects of the cardiac screening programs from volunteer training to EKG interpretation to reviewing echocardiograms. The quality of the EKG interpretation can make a difference between missing a critical finding or misreading a benign EKG as abnormal. Dr. Lavie and supporting cardiologists have interpreted over 60,000 EKGs of young adults screened by Max Schewitz Foundation. Dr. Lavie has a special interest in sports medicine.  

Brian Shortal, MD

A practicing cardiologist at NorthShore Healthcare System, started his career decades ago interpreting EKGs for new military recruits. Now, in addition to his busy practice, he provides onsite cardiology services for many of our screenings.

Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers: Liz Elli, RDCS, Carol Hawkins, MHA, RDCS, Sandy White, RDCS, and Tonia Callas, RCS 


The Core Team

These core members jointly coordinate and manage all aspects of cardiac screenings.

Executive Director

Kathy Aykroid

Project Managers

Mary Moon, Lynda Eckardt & Wendy Johnson

Outreach Coordinator

Karen Blair & Alane Church


Jeanne Coogan

Media Relations

Lindsay Hansen

Team Leaders 

Tom Barry, Julie Boehmer, Paul Gilling, Beth Kaufman, Cindy Klein, RN, Cathy Korth, Carrie Mendoza, MD, Lynn Mohr, RN BSN, T-Ann Pierce, Julia Rausch, Certified ECG Tech, David Schewitz, MD, and Judy Suson.  


The Heart Corp

This group of volunteers is on call to assist with cardiac screenings as needed. All Heart Corp Volunteers are experienced, dedicated, and reliable in administering EKG tests. In addition, the Corp includes several volunteer echo techs and flexible team leaders who expand our core team at larger screenings.


Community Volunteers

Over 6,500 parents of high school students, after training, volunteered a minimum of 4 hours to help conduct a portion of an EKG test. Their dedication and talent allows us to provide low-cost EKG tests to students.