Nick Mancuso Joins the Board of Directors

Nick Mancuso, a lifelong friend of Max’s and professional racecar driver, has joined our board of directors as Director of Conservation Causes for the Max Schewitz Foundation. He will bring his years of expertise as an animal caretaker, herpetologist and overall adventurer to this new role. Nick is looking forward to bringing new ideas to the board that could grow our conservation mission. Additionally, Nick will develop sponsorship platforms learned from his racing career to help the foundation form new partnerships to support ongoing screenings and other endeavors.  

Nick and Max met through karate at age 4 and remained close friends Max's entire life.  He knows firsthand how devastating it can be to lose a close friend and is eager to help prevent others from losing their best friends. “It's really great to see the Foundation’s work in action. They are bringing a life saving measure to high school and college students who have probably never thought about the potential of a hidden cardiac condition. It’s a great mission and I am looking forward to contributing.” 

Childhood friends Nick Mancuso, left and Max Schewitz, right