Holiday Greetings

Did you get loads of holiday cards featuring the smiling faces of families you know? I received one from a family I didn’t know. Even at a glance I could tell the three were sisters, and close in age. Each sported long blonde hair, perfect teeth, and a dazzling smile. The accompanying note told me our testing had detected a potentially life-threatening cardiac condition in the youngest girl, and because her condition is genetic, her sisters are also getting tested. Our work might have saved their lives. This family can look forward to many more cards and family photos, possibly with grandchildren sporting that same long blonde hair, toothy smile, and heart condition.  I’m pinning this card and note on my bulletin board to remind me that kids out there need us.  I can’t share their photo, but here’s one of our family, always wishing Max were still here. Thanks for your support of our cardiac screening!