Every day in the USA,
young adults die from detectable but

undiagnosed heart conditions.
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Max Schewitz

The standard preparticipation physical fails to detect over 95% of conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death.


A painless, noninvasive ECG test can detect upwards of 60% of the markers of conditions that lead to sudden cardiac death. Yet, an ECG is not a part of the routine physical for young adults.


To fill that gap and protect our young adults, we provide low-cost, high-quality ECG testing supplemented with limited echocardiography for select students.

Alane Church Difference Maker Video

Two Vernon Hills High School students selected Alane Church for their Difference Maker video project.  Alane Church did not know as a parent about the importance of cardiac screening for her healthy kids.  She started the Josh Church Foundation after her son, Josh, died from a hidden heart condition at the age of 17.  She works with the Max Schewitz Foundation to pass on her knowledge and inform high school students about the need for all young adults to receive a simple and painless EKG at their school's HeartSmart Cardiac Screening. Great job, students! 

District 128 Difference Maker Video

The District 128 AP History Class had an assignment to create video about a nonprofit in the community making a difference.  We're pleased to share the video two students created about The Foundation.  Congrats students on a job well done! 

Website Updates

In order to serve you better we are making improvements to our website.  Due to this "construction" the links to register for screenings for the 2019-2020 school year will not be available until 8/1/2019.  Thank you for your understanding.

We Screened 7,183 Students this Year

We completed our 2018-2019 EKG screening program on April 24, 2019 at Deerfield High School.  The school-wide EKG screening program began in 2005 following the sudden death of Max Schewitz.  To date, the Foundation has now provided 87,706 EKG’s and 2,375 limited echocardiograms.  The Foundation has found 870 students with abnormalities who required further medical evaluation.   

Why should you have an EKG?

Libertyville High Schools students we'll be on your campus next week (March 13) providing EKG screenings.  Alane Church, a Warren High School parents shares her story in this video.  Hopefully it will encourage you to go home, talk with your parents and get signed up!