Foundation Announces Leadership Changes and 2019 Screening Dates

The Max Schewitz Foundation is pleased to announce that Kathy Aykroid will join the board of directors as the executive director and secretary. Ms. Aykroid has been the lead project manager for nearly a decade coordinating all school EKG screenings, volunteers, and vendor logistics.  She replaces founding member Mary Beth Schewitz, who will become chairman of the Max Schewitz Foundation board.

The Max Schewitz Foundation also welcomes new directors Jeanne Coogan and Alane Church. Jeanne Coogan is a CPA and will serve as treasurer in addition to managing all financial aspects of the Foundation. She has been with the Foundation for five years providing quality assurance of all records and results to parents. Alane Church has a deeply personal interest in the foundation after losing her seemingly healthy son, Josh, to unknown cardiac arrhythmia at age 17. Since his death in 2016, she has found the courage to provide outreach to our test schools to educate students and staff about the benefits of cardiac screening. She is also an ardent and creative fundraiser who brings the passion of personal loss to all she does.

The school-wide EKG screening program began in 2005 following the sudden death of 20-year-old Max Schewitz. The Foundation has now provided 85,152 EKG’s and 2,197 limited echocardiograms.  The Foundation has found 787 students with abnormalities who were referred for further medical evaluation.

Our spring school-wide EKG screenings start at Warren Township High School, Josh Church’s alma mater, on February 6 (O’Plaine Campus) and February 13 (Almond Campus), followed by Libertyville (March 13) and Deerfield High school (April 24). Registration for all spring EKG screenings is now open at