EKG Your Teen

"When our son became a freshman at New Trier last year, we were immediately impressed with the all-around, individualized attention and care the school gave each student right from the start, " said Cathy Bell-Bartholomay. "We never dreamed that this would end up saving our son's life."  
Bell-Bartholomay like all New Trier freshman parents, had the option for her son to have a voluntary EKG during their KW (Kinetic Wellness) classes, via a partnership with the HeartSmart Foundation.  
"We thought: OK, we have never heard of a school offering a medical test like this, but if it is important enough to New Trier to make it so easily accessible to students by having it during the school day--why not?" 
The results of her son's test were shocking.  
"The EKG revealed a deadly, hidden heart defect in our child, a condition which we probably would have never known about until it was too late. Instead, we were able to address and solve the problem, and our son is now in perfect health."
"The confidence that New Trier had already established in us regarding the all-around care of our son, well before this test was ever offered, was key to our decision to have him get the EKG. We will remain forever grateful and indebted to the school for creating this kind of environment and doing nothing less than saving our son's life."
Please make sure your freshman are signed up for the EKG testing on April 19th at New Trier!