Motherhood Isn’t for Sissies

My mom told me, motherhood is not for sissies. She meant this humorously, trotting it out when the laundry was sky-high or my kids were getting shots or poor grades but, nothing could ring truer if you’re a mother of a child who has died. Whether your loss occurred pre-term or during childhood or even adulthood, there’s an unwritten rule that kids should not die before their parents. Trust me, that kind of loss leaves a mark. 

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Thank you

Big shout out to Alane Church and her successful fundraising efforts in memory of her son, Joshua, to benefit Screens for Teens EKG screening. We screened over 140 low-income students at Buffalo Grove High School alone. Donations like these make a huge difference in our ability to provide screening to all students. Thanks to Alane and all of those who supported her efforts!


CATS Swim Meet Honors Josh Church

October is National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month and some local swimmers will be taking part in a fundraiser this weekend to bring awareness to the issue.  

NBC Chicago Visits Lake Forest Academy

Our first two EKG screenings of the school year were a huge success. It is a team effort to run each screening and we appreciate our dedicated core group of volunteers, parents and the community for continuing to embrace our work. We couldn’t do it without your support. We also want to thank Holly and her mother for stopping by the Lake Forest Academy screening to share their story with NBC Chicago. 

Charlie's Diagnosed with WPW

Charlie Kanter is heading off to The Ohio State University this fall. His parents may worry about Charlie’s grades or how well he will handle his newfound independence, but the one thing they will not have to worry about is Charlie’s heart.

Happy Father's Day

Summer Physical Should Include an EKG

With the summer physical season upon us, we wanted to help you make sure your child's heart was checked by more than a stethoscope.

Passing the Baton

 As a proud mother, I brag about my children, including my son, Max, who died in 2005 from a hidden heart condition. There are many moms like me who can only embrace the memory of their child. Remember these moms as you receive homemade gifts, enjoy a family meal, or talk by phone with your kids. There’s a growing group on moms who are especially grateful to have their children alive. Their children had a hidden heart condition uncovered by our EKG screening. Their child’s heart condition was treated so they can celebrate Mother’s Day. Although I doubt they know it, I celebrate their children with them, too! These kids are incredible.​