Camping with Nick

Nick Mancuso shared a story at The 2016 Maxtravaganza of a camping trip he, Max, and fellow herp-guy, Mike, took in southern Illinois. Nick reports they were constantly picking ticks off their clothes, but in an especially evil twist, and unbeknownst to Mike, Max and Nick were stockpiling the ticks in an empty water bottle. Later that evening, they emptied the ticks into Mike's sleeping bag in an adjacent tent. They waited for the bites, expected to hear curses, but were stumped by the silence. The next day they looked discreetly at Mike and could find no signs of the bites they expected. That night, they planted even more ticks in Mike's tent and slept soundly with the expectation of shouts awakening them. Instead, they awoke to the sound of buzzing, from inside their tent. Nick noticed one bee, then another, and another. MIKE!! But the icing on Mike's cake came when Nick and Max tried to get out of their tent and found the zippers were tied shut and couldn't be opened. Nick reported Mike laughing for a full 15 minutes while Nick and Max were stung repeatedly by bees. You might call the score even at that and never pull another prank on that scale again. But then, you would have to admit to not knowing any of these guys very well.