The author of this deeply moving article died today. Amy Krouse Rosenthal is the sister of Beth Krouse, one of the foundation’s core volunteers. Beth is one of the foundation’s volunteers who happily travels to fill in whenever we are short of parent volunteers. Love and commitment are obviously a strong trait in her family.

Beth’s sister Amy’s first spoken word as a toddler was the word ‘more’. In the end, the thing Amy wanted most was more, more time with her husband, more time with her kids, more time to sip martinis at the Green Mill. We acutely know what ‘more’ looks and feels like. Our foundation is here simply to provide more: more time for kids to spend with their parents, more time for kids to spend with their siblings, their friends. We test students so that there is a lifetime of memories and love and laughter. Because we all want more.

Please read Amy’s last article. Then, if you  wonder how you can possibly spread the love, @chronicle books has made a beautiful blog post to spread the power of her work and to spread #loveforamykrouserosenthal.

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