Do you remember Schoolhouse Rock? On this Saturday morning TV show we heard a boy shout, ‘Knowledge is power!’ as he morphed into a superhero. Wise words, indeed.
When our son’s heart abnormality was discovered during a free EKG screening by the Max Schewitz Foundation, we were petrified. We gulped hard and went in search of information. Within weeks, we saw a cardiologist and then a cardiac specialist. We went from petrified to empowered. We knew exactly what we were dealing with. Knowledge was power.
Ryan was athletic and fit. He had no signs, no symptoms. He is currently monitored by his cardiologist, has no restrictions and knows the signs that indicate his heart may be in trouble. His friends know the symptoms, too, and what to do if they occur. Knowing the facts empowered us to send him off to college ten hours away from home.
The power of knowledge can be yours, too. If your child attends one of our fall test schools, click on the link below to register him or her for an EKG test. Know anyone at one of our testing schools? Remind their parents to sign their child up for an EKG. Give the gift of knowledge and power.

Aug. 26: Lake Forest Academy- non-sports students

Sept. 16: St. Viator High School- all students

Oct. 7: Vernon Hills High School – all students

Oct. 21: New Trier High School– freshman only

Oct. 28: Lake Zurich High School – all students

Nov. 4 & 5: Adlai Stevenson High School – all students

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