Every day in the USA,
young adults die from detectable but

undiagnosed heart conditions.
Learn More about ECG screening.

Max Schewitz

The standard preparticipation physical fails to detect over 95% of conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death.


A painless, noninvasive ECG test can detect upwards of 60% of the markers of conditions that lead to sudden cardiac death. Yet, an ECG is not a part of the routine physical for young adults.


To fill that gap and protect our young adults, we provide low-cost, high-quality ECG testing supplemented with limited echocardiography for select students.

WGN Radio Interview with Alane Church

Steve Cochran's WGN Radio show had Alane Church, with Max Schewitz Foundation, on the show as the MVPP last week.  She talked about the foundation's efforts to get kids an EKG and the 3rd Annual Josh Church Fundraiser coming up on Nov. 17 from 4-7:30 p.m. at The Chocolate Factory.  Click here to purchase tickets! All proceeds will benefit the Max Schewitz Foundation.  


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the backbone of our foundation as we rely on adult volunteers as our primary labor source for providing HeartSmart EKG.  No medical knowledge is required to volunteer.  You will be trained and supervised by our medical staff.  Believe it or not, it is easy and fun!

Please consider helping us at the following schools:

Alane Church Difference Maker Video

Two Vernon Hills High School students selected Alane Church for their Difference Maker video project.  Alane Church did not know as a parent about the importance of cardiac screening for her healthy kids.  She started the Josh Church Foundation after her son, Josh, died from a hidden heart condition at the age of 17.  She works with the Max Schewitz Foundation to pass on her knowledge and inform high school students about the need for all young adults to receive a simple and painless EKG at their school's HeartSmart Cardiac Screening. Great job, students! 

District 128 Difference Maker Video

The District 128 AP History Class had an assignment to create video about a nonprofit in the community making a difference.  We're pleased to share the video two students created about The Foundation.  Congrats students on a job well done!